Marco Fabbroni: the story of a passion…

In 1987, I began to take care of the touristic leasing of villas, castles, apartments and farmhouses. That is well over a quarter of a century ago.
I became the CEO of a company named Cuendet in 1989, which I directed for over 18 years. We built the first great international network of specialists that led us to become the world leader in the tourism sector of the residences of charme from 1991-2001.
We were pioneers in this sector in Italy. So many companies and so many people followed our steps, up to the current situation in which there are dozens of subjects operating, many of which are attributable to that unrepeatable experience that was the "phenomenon Cuendet" and to which I am bound by beautiful memories. Thanks to the know-how gained in Cuendet they have given rise to similar experiences, which although in a different way, try to retrace the same road. We still work together with some of them and to all of them I extend my personal "good luck" with the understanding that competition between professional and healthy companies is a guarantee of quality for the market, that is, for our guests.
After a few years in which I have been dealing (and still deal) with new experiences in the tourism sector, I could not face the insistences of friends who asked me to return to my old passion, aware that times have changed totally from the technological point of view. Qualitative aspects of products and services offered are, now more than ever, the basis for the success of any initiative.
With the same group of people with whom we created in 2010 "Geco" (, a new and original experience in the field of Revenue Management and Internet Distribution Systems and with whom we have created the Hotel Network "Gecohotels" (, we decided to resume a theme that was only temporarily interrupted. We did this through a powerful technology platform capable of meeting the current needs of the market.
So here you find a first select portfolio of villas and apartments to suit the needs of a wide range of potential guests. In our offer, in fact, you will find beautiful villas with independent swimming pools as well as simple apartments because we think that this type of holiday must respond to the lifestyle and, given the times we live in, the budget that each guest intends to devote their holidays.
We can assure you that, regardless of your choices, none of you will give up the comforts and joys that a holiday of this kind can and should offer.
We look forward to welcome you and wish you happy holidays!